Violin Workshop with Ricardo Herz


Ricardo Herz has reinvented the violin.  With unparalleled originality, charm and swing, he has captured the irrepressible spirit of Brazil and revolutionized the voice of the violin in popular music.  


As dynamic a teacher as he is a perfomer, Herz is available for in-person workshops for bowed string instruments (violin, viola & cello).  Herz has also created a popular online violin course (available here).


The in-person workshop aims to introduce classical music students, or students of other cultural backgrounds (e.g. bluegrass or fiddle traditions), to the rich sonic language of Brazilian popular music.  


What sets Brazilian music apart is its unique rhythmic swing— the across-the-bar phrasing of samba, the behind-the-beat pulse of the xôte, the floating syncopation of the maracatu, the driving beat of the baião, and the march of the frevo, are all examples of rhythmic variations with specific phrasing needs.  In addition, Brazilian music employs a wide variety of melodic and harmonic techniques.  In the workshop, these concepts are presented with a focus on technical and artistic tools, such as bow control, melodic phrasing, interpretation choices, outlining the harmony, and approaches to improvisation.


Students will leave the workshop with a basic understanding of Brazilian music as interpreted on bowed strings— direct from the person who adapted the violin to play Brazilian popular music, Ricardo Herz!


Ricardo Herz has administered workshops and courses in a variety of settings, including music festivals (Oficina de música de Curitiba [2009 & 2010], Festival de música de Ourinhos [2011 & 20112], and CIVEBRA in Brasília [2013 & 2014]); schools and cultural centers (SESC Vila Mariana in São Paulo & CMDL in France); and currently teaches a cohort of students at Instituto Fukuda in São Paulo.