Para Crianças

Technical documentation:

Com Quinteto Cantilena e Pedro Ito
Uma fascinante experiência musical para crianças e ex-crianças!

Para Crianças:

Ricardo Herz – violin
Cantilena Ensemble – chamber orchestra
Pedro Ito – percussion


Para Crianças (2009)

Ricardo Herz is a violin revolution-in-the-making with his unparalleled originality, charm and swing.  

The Cantilena Ensemble was founded in 2006 by violinist Maria Fernanda Krug and, this orchestra of young musicians has performed extensively on the classical music scene in Brazil.  

For this performance, Herz has arranged a diverse collection of folkloric Brazilian melodies for children, all the while maintaining the festive spirit of a street party that Brazil is famous for!  The resulting performance is an engaging musical experience for kids and former kids, alike.

The majority of the tunes in this performance were recorded on Herz’s 2009 album, “Para Crianças.”